Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 4

Okay so i havent run, and it's been 2 days since running after about a month now.
Not feeling to good about it, like my teeth havent been brushed. Attended my Dads friedns party
drank some kinda peach, apple moonshine stuff. "OH theirs like no alchohol you can taste", well if it dosent go down without a burn i dont think its much of a put-you-on-your-ass kinda liquor. In my opinion at least.
One can say anything about their weed, alchohol, anything without tasting the best.
But what if the best just took you the fuck out and knocked you out of this world/reality, to the point you blacked out.
Would it of been much of a expirence, if the only positive way of thinking about it was "How fucked up you got"?

If i questioned everything about life, what kinda life am i to live.

Im talking with the head thats seen/felt/heard/everything DMT effects, I can't put into words what i have expirenced, nor can I say what ive done is anything to be expressed.
Lets just say thats its almost completely taken me away from how i need to act.

But not without forgetting what they needed to take all of long. Somthing i cant even explain what it might be.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fine Bitches. Day 2.

Today I slept in pretty late, but I managed to  get out the door and run some.
While I was out running around I saw some sexy ass chick with some HUGE(but not too huge) knockers, all in pink, giving me the smile she looked right around my age(I think).
I been running that path for months now BUT that girl, damn!
I hate that feeling a person gets when you should jump on it, but theres always somthing to tell you otherwise.

                         Anyways my lame ass went home played some Minecraft.

Got work tommorow might not be getting much done this week.
Probally gather up a crap-load of materials.
I have a very large and vast rape-dungeon :)))

5-miles ran thus far.
5-ran today.

-Enjoy visiting!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The beginning. Day 1.

This blog will document my progess of a city I am in the process of creating. Aswell as keeping a log of how many miles were ran that day, by me of course.

-This homey structure is the first of many that will be erected in my Minecraft world.

0-miles ran thus far.
0-ran today.

-Enjoy visiting!